It’s Bigger Than Price: Part 3/5 (Reliable Service)


  It’s inevitable, there will always be shoppers who only understand three things: price, price, and price. We wish everybody valued what we value and understood that great service stems way beyond what you pay, but c’est la vie! Not everyone will get it. Our mission was never to be cheap. Our mission is simply […]

It’s Bigger Than Price: Part 2/5 (Quality Service)


  We really are the highest quality cleaning service around. If we had a dollar for every time a new team member said, “the last cleaning company I worked for doesn’t care about that…my last boss told me not to clean that,” we’d be at least $50.00 richer.¬†Woohoo! Since 2016 when our owner and founder […]

It’s Bigger Than Price: Part 1/5 (Trust)

  It all starts with trust. Without it, our cleaning skills, reliability, communication, customer service, and all of the other important things our service gives you would mean nothing! Inviting someone/people into your home or place of business is a big deal, and we treat it that way. Hiring a top cleaning service like Geoffrey […]

Why Geoffrey The Butler Outshines Independent Cleaning Options

Geoffreythebutler Cleaning Service

  When it comes to keeping your space clean and tidy, the importance of choosing the right service cannot be overstated. Choosing the right cleaning service is more than just a matter of convenience and price; it’s about trust above all, quality, reliability, and consistency. For those in the Greater Toronto Area, Peel, and Durham, […]