It’s Bigger Than Price: Part 1/5 (Trust)


It all starts with trust. Without it, our cleaning skills, reliability, communication, customer service, and all of the other important things our service gives you would mean nothing!

Inviting someone/people into your home or place of business is a big deal, and we treat it that way.

Hiring a top cleaning service like Geoffrey The Butler isn’t just about having an impeccably cleaned home, it’s about hiring a service that’s built its brand on trust.



It isn’t just something we say in our ads to attract customers. It’s an underpinning of our company, and a living, breathing core value that helps guide us each day.

Not only do we do background checks, we constantly instill the importance of being trustable. If for any reason we feel we can’t trust an employee to take care of you and treat your space with respect, that individual cannot work for Geoffrey The Butler. For perspective, we would sacrifice a highly skilled performer for a highly trustable person in a heartbeat!

We can proudly say, for the life of our business, there’s never been a case where our integrity has been called into question. Know we are always working to keep you and your family, or your business protected. ‘Knock on wood’, we’ve been very successful in our mission to foster this value between our brand and our clients.

We don’t sell price, because what we do is much bigger than that.

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GTB Team



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