It’s Bigger Than Price: Part 2/5 (Quality Service)



We really are the highest quality cleaning service around. If we had a dollar for every time a new team member said, “the last cleaning company I worked for doesn’t care about that…my last boss told me not to clean that,” we’d be at least $50.00 richer. Woohoo!

Since 2016 when our owner and founder was running around like a mad person cleaning, taking care of our clients, and everything else in between, setting the standard for what GTB has to be for our clients, we have been the best service in our space.


Quality Service


For some, when we say “best service” they believe that means we don’t make mistakes, we think we’re perfect, or we never have moments where we’d wish for a do-over. Although we have an extremely high client satisfaction and stay rate, we’ve done an estimated 13,000-15,000 jobs, of course we’ve had bad days. For us, ‘best service’ is such a deep and multi-encompassing term. It means:

  • Yes, we do extremely high-quality work.
  • Yes, you can trust us, fully.
  • We know our clients personally and treat them as a priority…because they are.
  • We are reliable. Barring any unforeseen catastrophe, when we book your appointment, we will be there.
  • If we don’t meet our, or your quality standards, we work with you to ensure satisfaction.
  • We appreciate and take feedback happily, not with a poor attitude.
  • The list goes on!


As much as we focus on the “cleaning” aspect of the job, we equally understand the other important skills as well: how to communicate with our clients; providing a hospitable experience; being reliable for you; being there for our clients not only in rosy times; and so much more.


Quality Service


We don’t sell price, because what we do is much bigger than that.

As we always say, ‘we’re not the same, we’re GTB.’ Book your service today and find out what makes us a great choice for you!

GTB Team

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