It’s Bigger Than Price: Part 3/5 (Reliable Service)



It’s inevitable, there will always be shoppers who only understand three things: price, price, and price. We wish everybody valued what we value and understood that great service stems way beyond what you pay, but c’est la vie! Not everyone will get it. Our mission was never to be cheap. Our mission is simply to be the best comprehensive service on the market, and in many ways we are. Part of that is our reliability.




Finding and maintaining reliability doesn’t just happen by waving our magic feather duster!


We’re going to let you in on a little secret: Reliability is one of the core values that drives our business. The teams we build are centred around being there for each other and for our clients. Not to sound too harsh, but if a staff member doesn’t believe in this, chances are, they’re not a great fit for GTB and our clients/customers, so we will have to say 👋🏾. One thing clients don’t understand sometimes is that, as a business created to serve you, we are constantly evaluating who is and isn’t a good fit – part of that is reliability.


We’ve heard all of the stories about service people/providers regularly cancelling on clients last minute, closing up shop and moving away, and even more oddly, just disappearing. We value our client relationships and strive to give you a much better experience than that.




As a mom, a dad, a busy professional, a realtor, a business of any kind, or simply someone who relies on a service like ours, we know that when you book our service, you need us to be there. We would never say the odd circumstance doesn’t arise, but with a near 100% service fulfillment rate, you can rest assured you can rely on Geoffrey The Butler.


Sooo, what are you waiting for? For a better service experience, get in touch today!